Sunday, October 29, 2006

A New Found Hobby

Hopefully this won't end up being a blog totally filled with food that I've made, but I've got to add this one. The experiment today was sweet and sour chicken over rice. And, oh was it good! It took two hours to prepare and made a whole lot more than I expected, but luckily I've got good roommates who are willing to share the burden of eating. But this is no joke, this sweet and sour chicken tasted like the real stuff. It's a keeper recipe.

Cooking is fun. I've always enjoyed cooking, you could say, but for the most part I'm usually too lazy to cook stuff myself. But, something has changed. Part of it could be due to my roommates who themselves cook quite often, but I think the largest factor in my sudden spark of interest is the fact that eating Chinese food for the past two years made me really miss it when I came back to America and didn't have any Chinese food. Of course the streets are lines with Chinese buffets, but so far the one's I've been to just aren't the same. So I'm on an escapade to find the best Chinese recipes. I'm willing to try just about anything.

I just have one hope, though. My future wife better like Chinese food, because she is going to get a whole lot of it.


Lindsay said...

Okay,'ve totally left me hanging...again. It's probably never come up in casual conversation, but I'll have you know that sweet and sour chicken is high on my list of top 10 favorite things to eat. So, if you wouldn't mind, I'll love to share the wealth...or at least the recipe (since I don't think your leftovers would travel well to Indiana.)

Blake said...

Maybe you should create another blog where you post the recipes for you meals. You could call it chinese cuisine or something. Be sure to cite where you find the recipes, else you fall in the terrible plageristic plague the internet suffers from. I have to confess that I particularly enjoy the pseudo-chinese food found in the buffets and fast food restuarants. Maybe over Christmas we'll have a cultural week. I'll cook some Uruguayan food, you make some Chinese, Kimberly can give us a good Californian meal, Lindsay knows some French cuisines, Dad can do something from Australia (or some southern fried turkey will suffice), and Brittany can treat us to a walk-around dinner.