Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Winter flakes!

The snow is coming down in Provo! Walking to school this morning at 7:40 am (I still don't have a bike with good tires) it was surprisingly warm. However, as I came out of economics class an hour later the weather had dropped drastically. An hour later, coming out of biology, the snow had started. And it continued all day long, falling in large wet flakes. In fact, it's starting to stick now that it is night.

At first I was not looking forward to snow at all. The main reason for this is that I dislike cold weather. But, today, being in snow for the first time in two and half years, I changed my mind. Snow isn't so bad after all. I think I'd still prefer not to have it, but if I had to choose between snow and rain, I'd choose snow. You can walk through it without being miserable, it doesn't feel as cold when it hits your face, and you don't have to wipe your glasses off with your wet shirt every five seconds. So, snow isn't so bad. But I'd still prefer warm or hot weather with no rain or snow.

In addition to snow coming down today, I have other good news. I am officially a non-open major! I have proof to show it too. This afternoon I declared economics as my major, and I'll be doubling it with a chinese major, although I'm not declaring that quite yet. In any case, it feels great to have a major. I'm no longer one of the undecided. I have direction! That's not to say that I have any idea of what I want to do after graduation, but at lease I have direction.

And, lastly, but certainly not leastly, Kimberly got home from her mission today! Talking to her on the phone was a joy, although I think right now she is a lot like I was when I got back from my mission. Totally clueless at what to say or talk about or do. But, nevertheless, welcome home Kimberly!


Lindsay said...

Snow is good. Snow is soft and fluffy and it requires temperatures hovering around a mild 32 degrees.

Ice is not good. Ice is hard and very, very slippery and it requires temperatures hovering around a biting 0 degrees.

Too bad Munice gets ice instead of snow. Snow I can handle. Ice, stinks.

Blake said...

Hooray for decisions!